Products and Services


Beam Enterprise has experts across the full range of solar power applications, ranging from stand-alone solar parks to complex projects with integrated energy storage, making Beam Enterprise the ideal partner.

Hybrid Systems

Hybrid power generation systems combine solar power generation with conventional forms of power generation and energy storage technologies, to enable a reliable supply with high quality electricity, either to the network or to off-grid consumers such as mines. Beam Enterprise Hybrid solutions enable the users to significantly reduce their cost of expensive fuel, such as diesel, while ensuring that the power plant output is fully controllable to match the required demand profile.

Building on the group’s expertise in conventional power generation, Beam Enterprise is well placed to provide hybrid power generation solutions to match customer’s project needs. Beam Enterprise Hybrid solutions combine the advantages of renewable energy sources with conventional power generation. Within the domain of electrical infrastructure, we have experience and engineering capability essential for the successful integration of solar power to the grid.

Solar Pumps

Beam Enterprise’s wide range of solar water pumps excel in performance, efficiency, durability – while remaining competitively priced. Whether you need a solar pump for water supply, livestock watering or irrigation purposes, our model can be tailored to suit your needs. Armed with our wide range of top solar water pumps suppliers, we commit to provide best reliable and cost effective solutions, even in remote and regional locations where grid power is unavailable, our solutions meet your needs.

Backup Power Solutions:

At Beam Enterprise we provide products and services for mission critical applications where power quality and reliability are essential. We work with the leading manufacturers to provide UPS Systems, IPS Systems and 48V DC Systems for applications such as IT, Data center, Industrial, Medical and Telecoms from 5kw up to 200kw. Whether you are a home owner, small business, multi-national company or a governmental institution we have both the products and the experience to provide solutions you can trust.

Utility Scale Solar Power

Beam Enterprise provide state of art solutions for Utility Scale Solar Projects supported by network of expert partners in the Solar Energy industry.  Solutions range cover ground-mounted systems and large roof-top installations from 200kw up to 2MW. Our ground-mounted experience extends across all kinds of terrain, including complex sites with high degree of inclination and demanding ground conditions. With our in-house engineering capacity, we provide optimized solar plant designs for each project taking account of specific site and local ambient conditions.

Beam Enterprise’s Utility Scale Solutions utilize well proven equipment from reputable tier-1 suppliers specialized in gird connected and off-grid applications with both fixed installations and single-axis tracker systems applied depending on project requirements. All installations are carried out under the supervision of Beam Enterprise’s experienced project execution team.

Energy Storage

We provide large-scale battery based energy storage solutions, both integrated with solar PV plant and stand-alone up to 2MWH. Apart from the ability to store and deliver energy on demand, the responsiveness of battery systems makes them ideal to provide network operators with innovative solutions for frequency response which help to stabilize electricity grids.

Energy storage systems are generally supplied in modular designs, which are easily scalable and are able to deliver multi-MW output. In order to successfully apply battery technology in utility scale applications we apply sophisticated control concepts with automated battery management systems.

Solar Cold Storage

Beam Enterprise provide innovative plug and play modular, solar-powered walk-in cold room, for 24/7 off-grid storage and preservation of perishable foods. The system enables farm level cooling for perishable commodities in locations with weak grid availability. The cold storage retains the quality of fruits, vegetables, flowers and other perishable commodities for a long duration. Extending shelf life improves farmer income by reducing spoilage, aggregation, avoiding glut periods and reducing transport bottlenecks during peak period of production.

The solar powered walk-in cold room is made of 120mm insulating cold room panels to retain cold. Energy from solar panels mounted on the roof-top of the cold room are stored in high capacity batteries, these batteries feeds an inverter which in turn feeds the refrigerating unit. The solution provides high autonomy, fast & reliable cooling rate and low opex.

Solar Air Conditioning

Beam Enterprise provide revolutionary Solar Air Conditioners range of AC/DC Hybrid Solar air conditioners and 100% Off Grid air conditioners. The units can utilize both gird and PV solar energy with backup batteries options available for the off-grid applications. The solution improves the efficiency, reduces the energy costs and produces clean & green cooling through a wide range of capacities; 12000 BTU, 18000 BTU and 24000 BTU.

Solar Street Lighting

Beam Enterprise solution for solar street lights are powered by PV panels, in-built battery, LED lights and smart sensors, all integrated into a single compact unit. Utilizing Solar LED street lights that are cost-effective and environment-friendly to light up roads and public spaces. The solution is considered as energy efficient, cost effective, durable, good-looking, and maintenance-free, making the solution suitable for various outdoor and road lighting applications as well as commercial and domestic lighting applications.

Mounting Structures

Mounting structure is an integral element of any Solar Energy system, and that is why it’s our focus in Beam Enterprise to provide highly functional, innovative and cost effective mounting system solutions for the various photovoltaic applications.

Mounts are used to attach solar panels to the roof, ground, or any other surface depending on your application. With proper installation, a sturdy mount secures your panels in harsh weather and protects your investment.


Beam Enterprise proud to have the capabilities to support solar projects from inception, throughout the development and construction stages and for the complete lifetime of the project.

Distribution and Wholesale:

Our supply chain and distribution strategy are based on our partnership with approved tier-1 vendors. Our commitment is to provide the best value for money for our customers through providing the best quality top brands in the solar energy industry. Our supplies range includes solar panels, inverters, Lithium batteries, solar pumps, dc cables, dc breakers and mounting structures. We provide full solution and individual equipment to satisfy the market needs.

Installation and maintenance:

Our expert team in installation and maintenance provide full range of services including system installation, plant monitoring, preventive and corrective maintenance backed by appropriate contractual guarantees depending on customer requirements.

Engineering and Consultancy:

Beam Enterprise is a leading contractor providing complete turnkey solar power solutions for utility scale PV projects. We offer both full EPC scope including panel supply, as well as EPC for balance of system (BoS) according to client needs.

Targeted segments:

Residential sector:

We provide specially tailored solutions for residential customers because we know how important power supply is for domestic consumption. Our solution varies to meet customer needs from basic supply to full power.

Agricultural sector:

Our experts are ready to study your layout and come with a suitable solution for Solar system deployment that satisfies your project specifications.

Telecom sector:

Our innovative solutions for telecom industry are designed to match their requirements as they differ from others due to their industry and equipment sensitivity.

Mining sector:

Ensure that your mining work won’t be impacted by power supply instability with Beam Enterprise wide range of solutions.

Industrial sector:

Small and Medium industries would stand to benefit a great deal from Beam Enterprise as their requirements could be totally obtained from solar energy itself.

Commercial sector:

Solar systems by Beam Enterprise will meet the requirements of the corporate and reduce load requirement from the common grid.

Governmental sector:

Unmatched expertise of Beam Enterprise in-house engineers and consultants will help governmental entities to solve their on-grid and off-grid power supply issues in the most efficient and cost effective ways.