About Us

Established in Sudan in December 2020; Beam Enterprise is a start-up company specialized in the sustainable development in Sudan and Middle East Region. Recognizing their impacts on economy and society; Beam Enterprise main focus is to provide innovative solutions for the energy, industrial and agricultural domains.

We believe the best contribution to the economy is to empower the society to become self-developed focusing on main pillars of such as: security, food, health, energy and education. Beam Enterprise utilizes its engineering knowledge, expertise and capabilities to build on those pillars. Beam Enterprise operates from their offices in Khartoum and Dubai to have their impact on the market demonstrating their values and to realize their vision and mission.

We want to make a difference in your lives by providing economical solutions for energy conservation and utilization of naturally occurring resources in a cost effective way so as to preserve the delicate balance in our surroundings. The climate challenge is a clear indication that something is wrong. We must cut across national boundaries and work jointly to protect and preserve our natural resources.


"To become a key player in sustainable development in Sudan and the region."


To become one of the leaders in the energy market in Sudan and the region, to contribute in several sustainability projects that will support local communities to become more productive, and to promote the use of renewable energy and its role in improving economy and GDP.

Company’s Values

Why Us?

With customers being our sole focus and excel in delivering the best service being our belief; we apply all our industry knowledge and engineering expertise to bring the full potential of solar systems to the world.

Experts in project execution

Successful implementation of any project, small or utility scale demands highly effective project management and planning from commencement up to hand-over to the client. Beam Enterprise is successful because the entire organization is highly focused on customer needs and project management best practice.

Engineering expertise

Our experienced in-house engineering resources enable Beam Enterprise to respond flexibly and responsively to project specific requirements. We are highly experienced not only in solar power systems design, but also in engineering solutions for grid interconnections including state-of-the-art electrical substations.

Innovative Solutions

Our experts have an unmatched capability to effectively handle innovative and technically challenging applications including energy storage integration and hybrid power generation.

Reliable Partner

We are proud to have successfully partnered with major solar power to ensure that the best service is being delivered to our customer timely, and making Beam Enterprise your reliable partner for delivering leading projects in the solar power industry.